Dear reader,

Before beginning the series chronicling my adventure in the Land of Smiles—a series that has been long overdue and which I’ve put off far too long—I must say a few words in preface, both to defend my delay and to set our minds on the same page (or shall I say screen):

First, it ought to go without saying that uprooting oneself and replanting in a foreign country is without a doubt endlessly exhausting. For the past six weeks, I have been nearly suffocated with learning, adaptation, and deliberation. If anyone should question the complexity and difficulty of such an upheaval of everything that is familiar and comfortable, read on and you shall see it painted in vivid colors.

Second, because my first vision of posting these entries in near-real time have for now been thwarted, I have been forced to consider whether a chronological account is really necessary or interesting. I have determined that since many of these entries will not only be reportings of the present, but also reflections of the past and contemplations of the future, such organization would be near impossible, and frankly not as much fun for me. So I’m afraid this adventure must begin en medias res.

But don’t be fooled: this is no epic. There is no dashing hero, nor secret relic, nor monstrous obstacles, nor grand battles. Only a self-involved protagonist, who had found his prize before his journey ever started, and had to overcome mundane encumbrances and face garden-variety bureaucracy.

(This is about the point where minds bludgeoned by BuzzFeed and Twitter start groaning, “Reading…ugh,” and proceed to hit themselves with blunt objects. So here are a few pictures.)

I was more interested in the shape and color of the sun
I was more interested in the shape and color of the sun than in the temple ruin
You could say my trip was "ruinous"
You could say my first trip was “ruinous”
No, you don't buy floats here...
The second time I came to Thailand, but the first time I came to visit someone special. We’re at the floating market.

Happy? Ok, continue reading…

Lastly, as regards the appearance of this website, I must admit it’s rather scant. My vision for its development is influenced both by my laziness and my passion for the HBO series Deadwood. In fact, let’s just go with the latter to salvage my artistic dignity. So if you haven’t seen Deadwood, please stop reading and do so immediately. If you have, then you know what I’m talking about—the gradual evolution of structure and aesthetic harmony. And if you’re still reading this and you still haven’t seen it, then do us both a favor and stab yourself in the eye for wasting another minute of its usage on this rubbish instead of David Milch’s masterpiece.

End preface.