Dear reader,

There exist thousands upon thousands of blogs out in the vast ocean of the Internet, thousands of which have been written about traveling and living abroad. I cannot promise that this will offer anything new or more exciting. But I hope you’ll find my outlook unique, writing style engaging, and thoughts sincere and borderline humorous. I find wit to be an amorphous rodent scurrying around my writer’s corner–only upon occasion do I trip on it or glimpse it with any clarity.

Anyway, here’s what you’ll find in my archives: personal accounts, musings, and rants about my experience moving to and living in Thailand. This experience includes the pursuit of a romantic relationship with one of Thailand’s rarest gems: a girl who isn’t after farang money; it includes the abandon of security in one career for the discovery and risk of another.; it includes an inward search for meaning and a reconciliation of yearnings for compassion and empathy with a wide, complex, impoverished, and corrupted world; and it includes the constant dodging and ducking of understanding, accepting, and assimilating in a society wholly foreign.

I firmly believe that life’s greatest pleasure is discovery. We ought not be bound to comfort or forced to conform. We ought to chase the currents of the world and enrich ourselves with a nourishing curiosity. If life is growth, then discovery is our lifeblood. In this season of my corner of the universe, I hope you’ll join me to discover the Land of Smiles.


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